Everyday Features You Never Knew The Purpose Of

It’s the little things in life that you never knew were actually meant to have a purpose. Keep watching Brainiacs and discover how to really start hacking life
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he little hole in plane windows, the pompom on your beanie, the indentations at the bottom of your wine bottles! These everyday things all have a purpose. You may think they’re there for one reason but life is just more complex than that! Some of these items even save your life on the daily and you don’t even know. In this video we’ll look at items around your house, or items you come across often that you might not realize are there for a reason. So strap in as we show you that your plain old boring world is in fact, a whole new world after all! After this, you’ll start to question everything around you. Things that have always been there and you just accepted. If this video blew your mind then give it a thumbs up. And subscribe and hit the bell notification for more videos that change your perspective on everyday things.


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