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Do people often compliment your analytical skills and logical thinking? Do you realize who the criminal is as soon as you open a new detective novel? Then you might love this challenge! All you need to do is to crack at least 10 out of these 15 mystery riddles, and you’ll get the title of the smartest Brightsider ever! But even if your result is worse than that, don’t lose heart! Practice makes perfect!

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A Locked Room 0:18
Mysterious Doors 1:27
A Werewolf Mystery 2:22
A Big Mistake 3:21
A Jail-Break 4:20
A Cursed House 5:02
An Escape Plan 5:49
A Clever Ticketing Clerk 6:36
Tomb Raider 7:17
Witty Mind 8:13
Garden Riddle 8:51
A Safe Elevator 9:23
A Fly in the Coffee 10:10
A Safe Place 10:55
A Treasure Chest 11:25

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– #1. You lock the door carefully every evening, but one day, a golden brooch that was stolen from the museum the day before is found lying in the middle of your storeroom. You know for sure that you’re innocent, but then, how did the brooch appear in the room?
– #2. Behind the first door, there’s plenty of drinking water. The second door hides tons of tasty dishes. Behind the third door, there’s a cozy hotel room with a comfortable bed. And if you open the fourth door, you’ll see piles of money. Which door will you open first?
– #3. There are three suspects: Jack, Levi, and Luke. But all of them have alibis. You have just 10 seconds to learn the truth.
– #4. A famous criminal, Ben, was hired to steal important documents from a wealthy businessman. He broke into the room and started to search for the documents. But soon, the man realized that it was the wrong room. How could that happen if the receptionist hadn’t lied?
– #5. There are three exits: a huge, vicious-looking man guards one of them, the second has angry dogs, and in front of the third exit, there’s a timer ticking down to an explosion in 5 minutes. Which exit will you choose?
– #6. Once a traveler heard about a cursed house: there lived a vampire and a beauty. The man decided to help the girl. But in the morning, the traveler was already turned into a vampire.
– #7. The men stood on each other’s shoulders, but the one on the top still couldn’t reach the window. But then they changed one thing, and one of them managed to escape. You have 10 seconds to understand what they did.
– #8. A tourist who didn’t know English came up to the ticket counter at a New York subway station. One ticket costs 50 cents, and the man handed him one dollar. The ticketing clerk gave the tourist two tickets without even asking how many of them he wanted. How did she know?
– #9. There is a trap behind each of the doors. The first one leads to the room filled with tarantulas. Behind the second door, there is a mechanism launching arrows several feet above the ground. And the third door hides a 100ft drop-off. Which door will lead to freedom?
– #10. One night, a bunch of thieves were stealing boxes with electronics from a warehouse. But even though they didn’t manage to avoid the police, they didn’t get arrested. Why?
– #11. In the morning, you find several pieces of coal, a carrot, and a hat lying in your yard. You know that nobody could put these random objects there, so, how did they turn up in the middle of your lawn?
– #12. In both of them, there’s a suspicious-looking guy. Which elevator should you take?
– #13. James found a fly in his drink. He called the waitress and told her to bring him another coffee. He complained that the waitress had brought him the same coffee. How did he know?
– #14. Lucas lived in Paris, but he didn’t like the Eiffel Tower. So, every day, he ate his dinner in the only place where it couldn’t be seen. What was this place?
– #15. There are three keys on the floor: black, golden, and silver. Only one of them opens the chest, and you also have just one attempt to get the treasure.

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