Music Video Download – Mack Harrell sings British songs! – Live, 1953

The baritone performs several songs in tribute to British music during a 1953 concert accompanied by Suzanne Bloch, lute; and Sergius Kagen, piano. Songs by John Dowland, Henry Purcell, John Ireland, Ralph Vaughan Williams, and Peter Warlock. (There is a link below to several other live performances and recordings by this fine artist.)

John Dowland:
– “Flow my tears” 0:00
– “I saw my Lady weep” 3:32
– “Say, Love” 7:02

Henry Purcell:
– “Evening Hymn” 8:16
– “I’ll sail upon the Dog-star” 12:53

John Ireland:
– “I was not sorrowful” 14:18
– “Sea-Fever” 17:40

Ralph Vaughan Williams:
– “The twilight people” 19:50
– “The Water Mill” 22:22

Peter Warlock:
– “Sleep” 25:33
– “Good Ale” 28:02

Here’s a link to my Mack Harrell playlist:


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