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There you are, at the airport, sitting in the departure lounge waiting for your flight. Then, you see them walk by in their crisp uniforms. Pilots – they’re the epitome of “cool”! And when you see those pictures on social media showing pilots taking epic selfies tens of thousands of feet in the air, then you’re really convinced! It’s hard to imagine what their life is really like, but it might be way different from what you think!

Do you know, for example, what happens if one of the pilots does get sick or needs emergency medical assistance? Or if a pilot needs to leave the cockpit and get some rest? Or what are the health risks associated with the job? Or have you ever wonder why the plane takes so long to land? Like, why are we doing circles around the airport? Let’s find out!

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How long it takes for them to get back home 0:36
What do they eat? 1:24
What happens if one of the pilots does get sick? 1:53
Can they sleep onboard? 2:20
Why they prefer long-haul flights 3:03
What are the health risks? 3:28
What the stripes on their epaulets mean 4:23
Can they listen to music in the cockpit? 4:52
What do they do during the flight? 5:34
What “We’re flying through an air pocket” means 6:09
Why the plane takes so long to land? 6:32
So what about a selfie? 7:05
What pilots do when they land in another country? 8:10
Can they fly for free? 8:44
What a good pilot should be able to do 9:11

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– Pilots don’t eat the same meals as their passengers do. It all comes down to the risk of food poisoning.
– Crewmembers are trained to do first aid, and all planes are required by law to have a fully stocked emergency medical kit onboard.
– For long-haul flights on huge jets, there’s a secret room for them to catch some Z’s.
– If a pilot does need to leave the cockpit and get some rest, another crewmember must enter.
– It might surprise you to know that a lot of pilots prefer long-haul flights (ones that are 6-12 hours). And that’s because they typically just have one of those.
– What are the health risks associated with the job? Well, this type of shiftwork has been linked to higher rates of heart disease.
– They have to do regular health checks once or twice a year.
– Pilots mostly fly the plane through the autopilot.
– They need to monitor all the systems in the aircraft, from oil pressure to fuel levels and even temperature.
– “We’re flying through an air pocket” actually means the plane is hitting some regular ol’ turbulence.
– If you see a selfie of a commercial pilot hanging out the window of a jumbo jet, your Photoshop radar should be going nuts! That absolutely wouldn’t be possible because of the air pressure.
– The airline pays for everything a pilot needs while they’re waiting for their next flight.
– Here’s another perk of the job: pilots get to fly for free!
– A good pilot makes a perfectly smooth landing. Landing is probably the hardest and most dangerous part of a pilot’s job.

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