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In the summer of 2014, Viktor Kazachenko was riding his motorcycle across the steppe of Northern Kazakhstan. He was headed to a nearby town to run some errands, but he never arrived. Kazachenko was hit by a mysterious illness that made him black-out and fall asleep while riding. He woke up 4 days later in the hospital, with no memory of what happened. And, he wasn’t the only one.

The village of Kalachi, in Kazakhstan, has been struck by a true medical enigma that’s causing people to fall asleep for days at a time. Interestingly, when they come out of it, they have no recollection of what happened. Forty-six-year-old Taisiya, from Kalachi, experienced this sleepy hollow 3 times in just a few years.

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Three sleep attack of Taisiya 0:52
Btw, she wasn’t the only one 1:56
What was it like? 2:59
What scientists thought 4:49
What about the levels of radiation? 5:58
Could it be mass hysteria? 6:32
What the former director of the uranium mine claimed 7:14

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– The village of Kalachi, in Kazakhstan, has been struck by a true medical enigma that’s causing people to fall asleep for days at a time. Interestingly, when they come out of it, they have no recollection of what happened.
– In a period of three years, more than 100 people were affected by this mysterious illness in Kalachi. Both adults and children had been through sleepy spells that lasted days.
– It all starts with light-headedness; and then you feel like your legs are too heavy to walk. When you get struck, you fall sleep within minutes, and might be hallucinating about random things until you’re out of it.
– Since the illness occurs so suddenly, the patient’s speech also becomes slurred, making it difficult to understand what they’re saying.
– According to a report, this disease also affected an animal as well. It was a cat named Marquis.
– More than 55 families moved out of the village, and approximately 100 more are in the process of doing so.
– At first, everyone thought that this was some sort of intolerance to a specific drink. However, this theory was later disproven when kids started being affected.
– Doctors and scientists alike were determined get to the bottom of this, so they started doing lab tests as well. They even checked for high radiation levels and radon gas, as well as for heavy metals, bacteria and viruses in the water supply of the area.
– Coincidentally, scientists began suspecting an abandoned uranium mine 2 miles away from the village of Kalachi.
– When scientists studied the levels of radiation and uranium levels in Kalachi, they found them to be normal.
– The story of the sleepy hollow was becoming stranger and stranger, prompting curiosity from all around the world. That was when Viktor Kryukov – (the former director of the uranium mine) came out with some interesting statements.
– According to Viktor, the gas is seeping through the ground, causing people to fall asleep.
– If a person is unlucky enough to be passing by and inhale the air, then the carbon monoxide enters their bloodstream and they lose consciousness.
– After that statement, scientists started researching Kryukov’s theory and he was proven right.

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