Flight Attendant Saved the Girl After Seeing the Note “Help Me” – Download

When it comes to flight attendants, most people assume their main role is a “waiter in the sky”. But they are capable of much more than bringing you a beverage and a snack. Would you believe they could even save your life?

That is exactly what happened during a flight from Seattle to San Francisco. For one female flight attendant, she had no idea that this short flight would turn out to be unlike any she had ever had in her ten years of experience. At first, everything was routine, but as the plane took off she noticed a strange pair among her passengers – a young girl and a much older man who accompanied her…

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Why the flight attendant thought the girl was in trouble 0:42
Genius solution 1:50
Were her suspicions confirmed? 2:28
Some other fascinating facts about flight attendants:
– They know survival skills 3:34
– They can deliver babies 4:08
– They can perform hand-to-hand combat 4:47
– They have to meet grooming standards 5:32
– They hate delays as much as you do 6:16
– Their crazy schedule takes a toll on their personal life 6:55
– They also suffer from jetlag 7:39

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– The flight attendant couldn’t quite put her finger on it, but she felt like something was off and she couldn’t seem to shake that feeling.
– The girl looked disheveled and was dressed in shabby clothes while the man was well-dressed and seemed wealthy.
– She tried to engage them in conversation, but the man got defensive, telling her to leave them alone.
– The only solution that came to mind was to leave a note for the girl on the airplane’s toilet.
– At some point the flight attendant managed to catch the girl’s attention and mumbled the word “bathroom”.
– Her answer left the woman speechless. It said “I need help.”
– When they finally reached San Francisco, the police boarded the plane right away and arrested the man.
– The work of a flight attendant is more difficult and demanding than you might think.
– For example, if the plane is forced to make an emergency landing on some deserted island, you can rely on them for surviving in the wild!
– They receive extensive medical training so it’s no problem for them to welcome a new life into the world mid-flight!
– In order to ensure passenger safety, they must be ready to deal with disruptive or unruly passengers or know how to act during hijacking situations.
– Ever wonder why the cabin crew always look so perfect? Well, that’s because they have to follow strict guidelines regarding their appearance.
– Next time your flight gets delayed and you get upset about wasting your time at the airport, think about the fact that flight attendants don’t get paid until the plane’s cabin door is closed.
– For a flight attendant, it’s difficult to plan anything beforehand like a getaway with friends, family gatherings, even a romantic picnic with their partner.
– If you think that your international flight disrupts your sleep cycle, then imagine what zigzagging across the globe nearly every day can do!

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