Music Video Download – Ghanaian (Cover) Becca feat. Kwabena Kwabena “You lied to me” White boy sings in Twi

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→ My NEW hilarious music video “song about Vietnam”: Foreigner in SE Asia (original song)

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→ Check out The Fresh Jew of Wisco (Fresh Prince Parody) It’s a funny one where I wear short pink underwear!

→ A new song about soup called “the Pho Song”

→ A live performance at a COMEDY CLUB of my hilarious original song, “Rasta Moses” (THE MIC BROKE… but then something crazy happened)

→ Check out the beautiful and talented, Ms. June Bui on this cover:

→ Wanna learn how to sing? This video gives you simple and actionable steps

→ Ever wonder what a Vietnamese TV talent show looks like? Check out this behind the scenes video

→ Want to learn a new language? Check out this fun travel video (filmed during a crazy Vietnamese wedding) on language immersion:

→ So my band performed at a Vietnamese wedding and we got WASTED…after we sang in the taxi and freestyle a song:

→ Do you like travel and adventure? Then you’ll LOVE my song, “Let’s Get Away”

About Jeremy Ginsburg:


I’m a language enthusiast, traveler, and a performer.

I’ve loved music ever since I can remember. I play guitar, piano, and drums. I also sing and rap.

Growing up, I always struggled to “focus”.

I was diagnosed with “ADD” as a child. Once I stopped taking my “ADD medication”, I’ve learned to channel my creativity. I’ve done that through videos such as this one, writing, and more.

Now, my dreams are pretty big…

I want to write books, produce films, records musical albums, write musicals, and more.

A lot of people have told me I can’t do all of these. They said I had to “focus” if I wanted to get anything done.

Well, I’m on a mission to prove them wrong and create my own reality.

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