The Only Way To Survive an Airplane Free Fall

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How to survive a fall from an airplane without a parachute AND the Incredible survival stories of those who actually did
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You ever dream you’re falling? But you wake up before you hit the ground? I guess no one really knows what happens after you hit the ground… and survive. Except for a select few. In this video, we’ll look at individuals who survived falls up to 30,000 ft high! We also look at how they survived and what they did to save themselves. And hey, maybe we’ll give you a few tips for if you ever see yourself in that situation. Which you hopefully don’t. These amazing people fell from great heights and walked away (figuratively speaking) with only a few injuries. Most of them recovered and even flew or skydove again! Like this video if you love hearing stories about the impossible happening, and subscribe for more amazing tales like the ones you’re about to hear. And don’t forget to hit the bell notification so you don’t miss a video.


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