10 Of The Strangest NASA Discoveries – Download

No one can really explain these strange NASA discoveries

It seems like every week NASA sends out a press release stating that another groundbreaking discovery has been made in this or that corner of the universe, or on this or that planet, or even in the extreme climates of our own planet. Being a constantly expanding space, the universe has no shortage of places to explore and things to find, so the number of discoveries shouldn’t be surprising. However, some of the discoveries themselves should leave you speechless. These are the ones that defy explanation or at least subvert common understanding. Take the items in this video. One, a gaseous cloud discovered in the Milky Way, tastes like raspberries and smells like rum. Your perplexed look is warranted—but it’s true and it has a pretty simple explanation. The same can’t be said for why antibiotic-resistant bacteria has been found on the International Space Station. Although it might not sound super serious, this video will tell you why it’s a real concern for the astronauts onboard. Finally, the weirdest discovery in our video is ‘Oumuamua, which is the first confirmed interstellar object to pass through our solar system. We may never know the true composition of ‘Oumuamua, but everything from a meteor to an alien spaceship has been attributed to the tumbling intruder. These are just a few of the strange discoveries NASA has made in recent years, and we can’t begin to conceive what will be discovered in the future. Every day brings a chance of an astronomical revelation that does more than just raise eyebrows, but changes our lives forever. When that day comes, will we be ready?


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