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Learning mysteries and conspiracy theory stories can be a lot of fun. The only thing that’s even more fun, is checking the facts and trying to debunk them. And what else has more crazy theories swirling around it than the Bermuda Triangle? Can you guess which ones are true and which are fake?

There are a lot of questions to answer. For example, can ocean whirlpools be guilty of all the disappearances happening in the Bermuda Triangle? What lurks in the depth of Blue Holes? Was there a city on the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle?

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The bottomless ocean and vile whirlpools. 0:31
What lurks in the depth of Blue Holes? 2:00
The city on the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle 3:24
I’m Not Saying It’s Aliens, But… 5:43
The Hutchison Effect 8:00

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-The bottom of the ocean here is inconsistent. Every now and then, the otherwise sandy floor is replaced by giant dark holes. However, the whirlpools mostly appear in the inland Blue Holes, situated on the Island and not in the ocean. Even if a vortex could sink a small boat, it wouldn’t likely be an issue for big ships, let alone airplanes – they’re far above that in every possible meaning.
-The local people of Andros Island, part of the Bahamas, have a legend in their folklore about a giant, vile octopus-like creature named Lusca. Some giant octopuses were seen, and even caught, nearby, though they weren’t nearly as big as the legendary creature.
-The only giant things here are overstatements. There certainly aren’t any glass pyramids. Research showed that underlying ground layers beneath the Bimini Road feature nothing but bedrock, with no possible cavities in it.
-One of these treasure hunters was lucky enough to come across a secret map, made from the orbit of the planet in the 60s, during one of the first flights into outer space. This map reveals lots of shipwreck coordinates in the Caribbean area. One of them wasn’t marked as a shipwreck, but as an “unidentified object”.
-A lot of Bermuda Triangle stories feature reports, allegedly received from missing aircraft and ships. Some enthusiasts of this theory draw a line between it and the experimentations of Joseph Hutchison, who was trying to prove that electromagnetic fields can collide with each other and produce all kinds of disturbances to reality itself.

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