You Can Instantly Spot A Liar By Looking At These Cues

How to spot a liar easily by looking at body posture and other hints.
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Picture your typical liar. What do you see? A person fidgeting with their hands? Someone that won’t look you in the eyes? If so, you might be in for a surprise.
Lying is surprisingly common human behavior. It’s so intuitive to human beings that we start doing it almost from the day we’re born, and never truly stop.
But while lying is inseparable from the human condition, it’s also essential for maintaining delicate social ties without offending one another other. At the same time, you don’t want to be naively taken advantage of by people out for their own gain, do you? While lie detectors and other types of technology are improving on picking out liars, but nothing’s quite as effective as good old fashioned human perception! There are a ton of common tells that humans offer up when we lie, and knowing exactly what they are can help you figure out if someone is talking freely or fibbing. Check out the video above to find out exactly what they are!


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