10 RIDICULOUS Things Bought By The Richest Billionaires In The World – Download

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10 expensive purchases made by the richest people in the world. Useless things billionaires spend their money on.

We all like to admire the luxurious mansions and expensive cars that billionaires spend their money on, but do their extravagant purchases sometimes go too far? After watching this video on the 10 RIDICULOUS Things Billionaires Spend Their Money On, we’re sure that you’ll agree that there is such a thing as being too rich for one’s own good. From a $400,000 racing pigeon to a $90,000 bottle of champagne, was there really nothing else that these billionaires could’ve spent their money on? And don’t even get us started on the million-dollar fishing lure; what happens if you lose that thing in a deep body of water? Luckily for us, these purchases give us something to laugh — or cry — at as we sit here contemplating why we’re not billionaires yet. And if you’ve ever wondered what Amazon’s Jeff Bezos likes to spend his riches on, you’ll have to keep watching until the end to find out.


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