Music Video Download – Fantasia on British Sea Songs – original Henry Wood 1910 version (BBC Proms)

Fantasia on British Sea Songs – original version complete with all solos…see explanation below
BBC Concert Orchestra
Conducted by Paul Daniel

Fantasia on British Sea Songs. Compilation of trad. and other songs made by Henry J. Wood for concert on 21 Oct. 1905 to celebrate centenary of Nelson’s victory at Trafalgar and which became (and remains) traditional finale to Last Night of London Promenade Concerts, with the audience joining in (singing, clapping, and foot-stamping). In 9 sections: 1, Naval Bugle calls. 2, The anchor’s weighed (solo tpt., solo tb.). 3, The saucy Arethusa (solo euphonium). 4, Tom Bowling (Dibdin) (solo vc.). 5, Hornpipe, Jack’s the lad (solo vn., solo fl., solo piccolo). 6, Farewell and adieu, ye Spanish ladies (4 tbs.). 7, Home, sweet home (Bishop) (solo cl., solo ob.). 8, See, the conquering hero comes (Handel) (solo hns.). 9, Rule, Britannia! (Arne) (org. and full orch.). For some years the Fantasia was cut, but the practice recently has been to give it in full. Bringing a solo cont. into Rule, Britannia! was Sargent’s departure from Wood’s score.

BBC Proms no.67 9/9/10


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