What Actually Happens To Banned Items At The Airport

Airport TSA doesn’t actually get rid of your illegal confiscated items….Here’s what actually happens after security
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How do you keep track of all the rules enforced by TSA agents? Take off your shoes, 3 ounces of liquid, no crossbows. Some people try going even further with this. TSA agents even notice chapstick in your pocket! But what do they do once they seize these illegal items? And can you ever get them back? In this video we explore the kinds of items that get confiscated and the consequences of harboring those items. We also look at what happens to non-illegal items that get confiscated. And the possible, yet difficult, ways to get them back. If this video inspired you to always make sure you leave your pocket knife at home when you travel, then give it a thumbs up! And subscribe and hit the bell notification for more videos about what goes on behind the scenes at airports. Safe travels!


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