10 EXPENSIVE Airplanes Only Billionaires Have The Money To Buy – Download

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10 luxurious planes and jets only the richest can afford!

Although flying is slowly becoming cheaper and cheaper, it’s still something that most of us only experience once or twice a year—if we’re lucky. And when we do, we come prepared with our snacks and our eye masks. It’s a successful journey if there are no kids screaming and we get a window seat. That’s about all we expect when it comes to traveling up in the air. But not everyone is used to slumming it in economy, and some people aren’t even happy with first class. If you’re one of the richest people in the world, it might make sense to simply purchase your own plane to avoid the hassle of flying commercially. But these private planes aren’t just any planes. They’ve been modified and personalized depending on what the owner requested, and some of them are pretty crazy. You’ll never find a private jet with more money behind it than the ones on our list today.