10 RICHEST Fortnite Players In The World (Ninja Twitch, Drake) – Download

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Twitch streamer Ninja and other Fortnite battle royale players compete to see who has the best fortnite plays and who is the best fortnite player ever.

If you’re a gamer, then you’re definitely taking part in the Fortnite craze that has taken over the world. This video game just came out in July 2017, but it’s already grown to 125 million players in only a year. While the competitive side of Fortnite is still in the preliminary stage, Epic Games announced in May 2018 that they will provide $100 million in prize money for the first year of Fortnite competition. This is good news for the talented players who are already crushing it at the game. There are some people who’ve capitalized on the success of Fortnite by streaming their gameplay, gaining sponsorships, and winning small-scale competitions. Not only are these players some of the most popular ones in the game, but they’re also much richer than you are. If you’re curious to know which Twitch streamers are bringing in a serious cash flow, check out this video on the 10 RICHEST Fortnite Players In The World.