10 UNDERGROUND Discoveries That Will Make You Question Reality – Download

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10 mysterious discoveries from archeologists and anthropologists that will make you question life on Earth!

Earth harbors many mysteries. Layers upon layers of geographical periods conceal the entire history of this planet, and it has been up to people like archaeologists and anthropologists to find it. Everything that we know is thanks to the people who have tirelessly explored the Earth to dig up some of its secrets. After enough information is found, scientists can then make predictions about what will be found next, and what won’t be found at all. This is because, due to the geological record in Earth’s layers, they’ve determined the rough timelines of the history of this planet; the years that the oceans formed, the years that the dinosaurs roamed, the years that Rome ruled, etc. It’s now a pretty exact and expected science…until something is discovered, like many of the items on this list, that completely contradicts historical knowledge. This means a historical revision at the very least, and a revision of reality itself at the very most.