Why You Forget 99% Of Your Dreams

Dreams are amazing, that’s a fact. The only problem is that most people can’t remember their dreams when they sleep! Find out how to remember your own dream within a dream within a dream.
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Do you need to dream up a reality better than the one you’re in? Maybe real life just isn’t cutting it and your DREAMS are where it’s at. In this video, we chat about the new and upcoming science behind dreams, why and how some are better at recalling their dreams than others, and how to improve your very own ability to remember what happened overnight in that loaded mind of yours. Turns out, our brains are just as active asleep as they are awake. We figure out why this is and then talk about how brain activity affects our ability to dream, realize nightmares, the secret to lucid dreaming, and more!.

This video will be ANYTHING but a snooze, Brainiacs!


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