10 Most HAUNTED Places In The United States – Download

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The scariest places in America where paranormal activity is alive and spooky as ever.

Hauntings are a lucrative business. People pay lots of money to watch films about paranormal activity, so imagine having the chance to actually witness a real-life ghost. Some of you are definitely shaking your heads at such an offer, but curiosity is a powerful emotion. If you weren’t curious about ghostly encounters, you wouldn’t be watching this video. So why not up the ante and spend your next weekend visiting one of these 10 haunted locations in the United States? You can visit a paranormal battlefield, climb to the top of a ghost-inhabited lighthouse, take a guided tour of America’s oldest and cruelest penitentiary, and even stay at the hotel that inspired “The Shining.” Or you can just continue watching TheRichest from the relative safety of your home. We’ll provide the haunted content so that you less-adventurous fans can experience the paranormal from a ghost-free zone. Well, we hope that it’s a ghost-free zone…