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Every 2 hours, we throw away enough trash to fill up the largest container ship in the world. Thankfully, people are now setting all kinds of eco-friendly trends, and companies are coming up with green technologies that let consumers live a low-waste yet equally comfortable lifestyle. Here are some of the best examples!

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Edible cutlery 0:36
Toothpaste pills 1:13
Off-grid energy 1:48
Stove that doesn’t need fuel 2:21
Old plastic bottles as light bulbs 2:50
Water blobs 3:24
Plastic bottle cutter 3:58
Edible packaging 4:25
The hydro-wheel irrigator 4:59
Mr. Trash Wheel 5:34
Portable turbine 6:04
Tire shredder 6:37
Shipping container pools 7:06
Trash can for the sea 7:38
Shampoo pods 8:03
Powder that cleans dirty water 8:36
Biodegradable bags 9:05
Whirlpool turbine 9:24
Compost bin that turns trash into gas 9:50
Washing machine on pedal power 10:23
Waterotor 10:46
Charcoal made from poo 11:06

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– Disposable cutlery is a major contributor to the growing plastic waste crisis. That’s why using an edible alternative can help cut back on all that plastic garbage. They taste like crackers, so you could just have them as a snack too!
– Waterlily is a relatively small turbine that converts moving wind or water into actual electricity! So, yes, you can use it to charge all your USB-powered devices such as tablets, smartphones, cameras, and so on.
– Another super cool thing for camping enthusiasts is the Biolite CampStove 2. It works only on wood, and its fan creates smokeless fire that can cook food and boil water in minutes.
– Water blobs are an alternative for single-use plastic water bottles. They consist of water surrounded by a jelly-like capsule made of seaweed extract.
– The Barsha pump is a hydro-powered pump that works anywhere there’s flowing water. When placed in a river or stream, it uses the energy from the current to send water inland without the need of expensive fuel.
– Mr. Trash Wheel is the cute nickname Baltimore locals thought up for the Inner Harbor Water Wheel. This awesome machine collects garbage flowing down the Jones Falls River.
– A Canadian company has invented a turbine that turns a river’s perpetual flow into power and makes up to 12 kilowatt hours, which is enough to power your home.
– Tire shredder gives tires a second life by separating the rubber from the textile, fiber, and steel cords. You can then recycle these materials into new products, like for construction!
– Shampoo pods are plastic-free and come in a soluble form that contains enough product to wash hair of any length and simply melts in water.
– Powder that cleans dirty water kills off all bacteria and mixes with dirt and pollutants so that they fall to the bottom.
– You can place all kinds of food and organic waste into the HomeBiogas. Then, bacteria inside the bin decompose the organic material and release biogas that travels through a gas pipe and is ready to be used for cooking!
– Ingeniously dubbed the SpinCycle, this machine just looks like a bike with a plastic drum attached to it. But what it actually does is wash your clothes while you go for a nice bike ride!
– Waterotor is a special turbine that harnesses green energy from slow water currents. This one can create a sufficient amount of electricity when it’s submerged in water that moves as slow as 2 mph.
– Bright minds in Africa decided to turn feces into fuel! They first let it dry for 3 weeks in a greenhouse and heat it up at really high temperatures. After all that, the waste loses its smell, and you can start planning your next barbecue!

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