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One in every 20,000 people is born with albinism. It’s a condition when the body doesn’t produce enough melanin, giving the skin, hair, and eyes a pretty much complete lack of color. While it’s pretty rare in humans, it’s even harder to find in the animal kingdom. But they do exist. So if you’ve never seen an albino dolphin, squirrel, or crow – you’re in for a treat!

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Horse 0:28
Deer 0:57
Turtle 1:31
Alligator 2:04
Owl 2:45
Squirrel 3:05
Ladybug 3:25
Giraffe 3:47
Cockroach 4:09
Gourami 4:31
Sea urchin 4:55
Crow 5:22
Hedgehog 5:50
Moose 6:09
Peacock 6:32
Tiger 7:00
Finch 7:23
Dolphin 7:37
Kangaroo 8:10
Zebra 8:35
Gorilla 8:54
Orangutan 9:17
Doberman 9:45

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– Albino horses are born completely white and stay that way their whole life. The really cool thing about them is that they don’t have reddish eyes, unlike most mammals such as mice and rabbits.
– Being an albino can be both a curse and a blessing for a deer. You see, when you lose your camouflage, it’s much harder to hide from predators in the woods when you can be seen from miles away.
– Albino alligators are incredibly rare as there’s only around 20 of them in the world. Similar to deer, their yellowish white skin makes them an easy target for predators, so they don’t live too long.
– Only one squirrel in 100,000 is born white, so spotting one is a rare stroke of luck. They’re an easy catch for hawks given that they’re highlighted white against the grass and leaves.
– Not exactly all people are fans of cockroaches. Maybe you’d be kinder to an albino cockroach. They become this way when they reach molt and lose pigmentation due to a chemical reaction.
– Not only animals, birds, and insects can be albino – fish can too! Meet the Albino Gourami. They also lack melanin pigments and look white as snow as a result.
– Albino crows and ravens are among the rarest birds on the planet and are even considered more mythological than real.
– The latest spotting of a white moose that became an online star was in the Värmland region of Sweden. It turns out, there are people who spent years photo-hunting these creatures, and for one of them, their dream came true after 3 years of unsuccessful attempts.
– Albino tigers shouldn’t be confused with regular white tigers that are common in India. Those have white fur and brighter black stripes, but albino tigers look lighter with pinkish eyes.
– We’re used to seeing them in bright colors, but albino finch also occur in the wild, so don’t be surprised if you spot one!
– There are more kangaroos than people in Australia, so it’s hard to surprise a tourist with one, but albino kangaroos aren’t nearly as widespread.
– An albino gorilla called Snowflake became the most photographed animal in the world. It attracted millions of visitors to the Barcelona Zoo and lived for 39 years.
– Albino Dobermans have exclusively white coats, blue eyes, and pink noses. Lack of melanin makes them more vulnerable to the sun, and their skin and eyes are super sensitive.

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