Airplanes Can Actually Damage Your Body in Flight

Your body does some crazy things when on a plane, here’s why!!

About 100 years ago the Wright brothers took a look at all the birds in the sky and thought “hmm, doesn’t seem that difficult.” Ever since, humans have been hurtling through the air at hundreds of miles an hour, and travelling to far off locations all around the world. A technological miracle to be sure, and a major “F U” to the birds of the world, but are our bodies adapted to this extreme form of transportation? As it happens, no, no they’re not. If you’ve flown, you’ve probably experienced some of the effects of the plane on the human body yourself. Skin dryness. Swollen feet. Jet lag. But do you know why they happen, and how to get rid of them? If not, check out this video to find out exactly what happens to your body on a plane, and how to deal with it!


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