MEGALODON: The BIGGEST Shark In The World – Download

Shark week 2018 takes a look at one of the biggest shark species in the world. Said to be 3 times the size of a great white shark, is the Megalodon extinct or still alive in our oceans?

Megalodon is by far the most famous prehistoric shark. In fact, due to the explosion of shark popularity in the last decade, thanks in part to Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, megalodon may soon rival T-Rex as people’s favorite ancient creature. It’s hard not to be in awe of the size and appearance of the megalodon, which is the largest species of shark ever discovered. However, we don’t exactly know how large, and the 100-foot status is now considered ludicrous. Its size isn’t the only thing that’s in speculation. Almost everything we know about the mysterious shark has not been confirmed, which is another reason why it is so popular. People can stretch the malleable frame of megalodon as wide as they want using only their imagination. There is a truth, however, and we’re here to find it. In this video, we’ll attempt to clear up megalodon’s many misconceptions, including the belief that it still exists today.


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