Talent vs Training: Are You BORN An Athlete Or Can You TRAIN To Become One? – Download

Can a person become an athlete through hard work and dedication or is it simply natural born ability?

Talent vs. Training: which will win and which will lose? Whether we’re talking about Michael Jordan or Tom Brady there’s no doubt that both talent and training played roles in their successes. So what is the true factor in defining what makes an iconic sports figure someone whose fancy footwork and split-decisions continue to wow us throughout their careers?

When you apply this debate to your own playing style, you might be a star in your mind but you’ll never move past the cheering crowds in your head if you don’t invest in the time needed to get better. Still, in order to really predict whether you have that special something needed to be one of the best athletes around, you have to hope that your genetic makeup is at least comparable to the best and brightest out there. If not, do you have the 10,000 hours that pop psychological/sociological author Malcolm Gladwell believes is needed to reach true expert status in your profession?

Whether studying the role DNA plays, analyzing the talents we’re born with and looking at the skills we develop over time, join TheRichest as we figure out if you have to be born as a true athlete or if you can train to become one. The competition is fierce but by the end of this video, we’ll know for sure whether – with just a little extra practice and determination – we can possibly make ourselves into the pros we know we can be.


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