The Only Way To Survive An Elevator Free Fall

Today Brainiacs, we find ourselves in an absolutely crazy situation…. the elevator you’re in is in a free fall!! Fortunately, after this video you’ll be able to discover the ONLY way to survive. Watch this video to debunk all things survival
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Ahh…New York City: the Big Apple, the concrete jungle, the City so nice they named it twice! We need to get a good look at that infamous skyline. Im convinced if we can get to the top of the Empire State Building, we will get THE best view of Modern Manhattan. Let’s take the stairs! Just kidding: definitely hop on the elevator. Imagine…we’re going to, the top of the Empire State Building where some of the most famous movies take place: sleepless in Seattle, elf, king kon—wait what’s going on?? Our elevator has stalled. Oh that’s not good. Yup…and those are the lights…okay do not panic…do not pan—alright we’re going down! Yup we are officially in a free falling elevator in a sky scraper with over a hundred floors going at least 60 km/hour…..


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