TheRichest Live – The CREEPIEST Things Planet Earth Will Haunt You With – Download

Join us on this live episode as we walk you through a list of the most creepy stories and scary events that occurred around the world.

When you think of ghosts, you might think of “Ghostbusters” and “Paranormal Activity.” Since the entertainment business has made entire franchises based around ghosts, it’s only natural that people will feel inclined to share their own experiences. Who doesn’t love a good ghost story? While most of us think of ghost stories as something fun to do around a campfire, there are people who have actually encountered the paranormal with their own eyes. It’s rather startling to think that there are unseen entities roaming the world around us, waiting for the moment we are most vulnerable. Of course, with any ghost story, there are bound to be some skeptics who aren’t sure whether someone is telling the truth, let alone actually encountering the unknown. But when you hear the encounters of these people, and understand the real fear that they went through when their experiences occurred, you’ll be more inclined to believe!

We like to think that today’s strict hospital regulations mean that wherever we end up in a time of need, we’ll be safe. But this wasn’t always the case. In the late 1900s and throughout the early 20th century, medical institutions were little more than places to dump the clinically insane without a second thought. And because there was no one to stand by and kick up a fuss, these places were full of dodgy treatments, terrible care practices, and very strange owners. We’re not just talking about beds being too small, but things like electrotherapy, chronic overcrowding, and straitjackets. So it might not be surprising to hear that many hospitals around this time were shut down pretty hastily. While some may have been rebuilt or repurposed into different things, most of these psych wards have been left alone to this day – many in the same conditions that existed decades ago.


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