10 Disturbing Scandals At The Olympic Games – Download

The dark side of the Olympic games.

Every four years we gather around the televisions or live streams to watch athletes compete in a variety of sports. This year, it’s the Winter Games in South Korea which will have much of the world watching. The Olympic Games are one of the few times that many of the world’s athletes get together to compete against one another in a show of camaraderie and sportsmanship. It’s also a chance for certain countries to get bragging rights in certain sports. Indeed, while we watch individuals and teams square off and tally up the total medal counts to see “who is best,” there will likely be another side to the Games. That is, almost every year there is at least one story that is scandalous in nature. From athletes doing bizarre and embarrassing things to judges being corrupt, scandal follows these international games seemingly wherever they go. Take a look at these following scandals and see what you make of them. Depending on how old you are, you may just remember watching some of them unfold before your very eyes.


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