10 Famous Kids Who Are Smarter Than You Think – Download

We have all seen kids starring in feature films, television shows, and even Broadway plays, but few of us stop to wonder what their life is like behind the scenes. A career in Hollywood can make maintaining an education difficult, but that isn’t enough for these kids to give up. We will introduce you to some of the most intelligent kids around that also happen to be famous. Finn Wolfhard plays Mike in Stranger Things, and shows a remarkable maturity behind the scenes. Gaten Matarazzo has a condition which caused many people to turn him down for roles, until it was written into his Stranger Things character and he became an advocate for others overnight. Madison Hu and Olivia Rodrigo are a couple of Disney stars who love being able to portray intelligent, multi-faceted female characters on screen, and are just as incredible in their real lives. When most kids were earning an allowance, entrepreneur Rachel Zietz was starting a business that would some day be worth millions of dollars before she even graduated from high school!


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