10 Most Creepy Airplane Stories – Download

10 HAUNTED Airplanes In The Sky. Paranormal activity and other strange events that happened on airplanes.

Who knew that you could encounter ghosts in the sky? Considering that there are millions of hauntings reported all over the world, who’s to say that something spooky can’t happen at 30,000 feet in the air? Of course, we’re not talking about paranormal bird activity. We’re talking about planes! Believe it or not, pilots and flight attendants often have ghostly encounters while en route to their destination. When you’re in a haunted house, you have the choice to run away if things get too scary. But what do you do when you encounter a ghost in the sky? It’s not like you can jump out of the plane without becoming a ghost yourself! We often don’t hear about haunted planes. Yet, just because we don’t hear about them, it doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. What would you do if you encountered a ghost on a plane? For some, that’s better than dealing with snakes!


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