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Some people dream of having a small, cozy house, and others dream of living in a huge mansion near the sea. Actually, it’s not that hard to make this dream come true because some houses are sold for just $1. But, as you can imagine, there’s a catch. They’re either impossible to renovate, in bad neighborhoods…or even worse. Would you fork up some pocket change for these homes?

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Such a gorgeous house! (ghosts included) 0:45

How about this historic Tudor-style home? 2:11

And this one costs just 10 dollars! 3:22

Have you always wanted to move to the UK? Check out this one 4:52

Incredibly cheap homes in Italy 6:20

If you’re going to San Francisco, be sure… to buy a $1 house 8:02

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– Victorian Mansion, $329,000

If you move into this home, you’ll never have any alone time again. No, seriously. According to different ghost shows and past owners, this mansion comes with a beautiful staircase, a charming kitchen…and ghosts!

– Detroit House, $1,000

Sure, it has the charm of an early 20th-century home. But it needs new electrical wiring, plumbing, and even new wood floors — and those are just a few of the things on the list.

– New Jersey Mansion, $10

One of the conditions of buying this New Jersey mansion is that you’ll be solely responsible for moving it off the property it currently sits on!

– Houses in the UK for 1 Euro

While the price of these homes is just 1 euro, buyers are expected to take out a low-interest loan of $35,000 to restore one.

– Homes in Ollolai, Italy, $1

The city is proud of its history and traditions and wants to do what it can to keep the town from disappearing from existence.

– A home in San Francisco, $1

Someone has to not only buy the home but move its 2 halves from the city’s property to their own plot of land. Sounds like a lot of work, even for 1 dollar.

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