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How do restaurants cheat customers? Yep, even fancy and expensive restaurants sometimes do that to make more money. First of all, you should know exactly how much you tip the waiter since some dishonest workers can charge you more than you specified. Another way restaurants may get a little richer at your expense is a fake menu.

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Be careful with tips 0:32
Never let your card be taken away from you 2:42
Don’t hesitate to remind the waiter of your change 3:21
The fake menu trick 4:29
Check discount coupons for any hidden conditions 6:36

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– There are dishonest workers who, upon getting the receipt and seeing how much you’d like to leave as a tip, have no problem changing it to an amount they deem more suitable.
– Write down the tip and total amount, and either ask your waiter to make a physical copy for you or simply take a picture of your receipt before you leave.
– The first rule of safety and security is to never ever let your card be taken away from you. If a waiter doesn’t bring the POS terminal to you but asks you to give them your card, it’s best to refuse or get up and walk to the register with them.
– It’s not customary for a waiter to assume their tip is included in the amount they were given, yet some of them simply “forget” to come back with the change in hopes you’ll want to avoid confrontation.
– Another way restaurants may get a little richer at your expense is a fake menu. In this case, you should immediately call the manager and ask them to explain the situation.
– One thing you can do is simply ask the waiter to leave the menu for you in case you want to order something else. If they insist on taking it for some reason, though, this should serve as a red flag that something’s not right.
– Many places use coupons and flyers to lure customers in and let them know there are some amazing offers on their food.
– If you fall for such a thing, make sure you first check all the fine print on the piece of paper in your hands. Some coupons might already be expired!

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