This Is Why It’s Impossible To Become A U.S Sniper

Welcome to the U.S Army’s sniper school.
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This week Brainiac is enlisting you to become the world’s greatest sniper. Insane training regimes, near perfect grades, and incredible physique is just the beginning of the crazy requirements you’ll have to meat. If you are serious about becoming the worlds greatest sniper you’re going to need to dedicate all of your time and energy to your training. Yep, that means waking up before the sun does and get moving! The FBI has very strict rules about who can become a sniper, having something as common as asthma will prevent you from serving as a sniper in the United States military. Let’s say that you impress your training officer, you’re going to have to nail the art of concealment. You’ll have to hide for weeks until your target shows up. You’re going to need to be able to anticipate everything around you, train your mind to be able to figure out everybody’s next move. We want to hear from all you Brainiac’s on what you want to see next in our videos, comment below!!


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