What If You Stayed in the Swimming Pool for 2 Weeks? – Download

Is it bad for you to stay in swimming pool water for too long? Imagine being stuck in a public pool, unable to get out of the water. “Eh, no biggie,” you say? Well, you might have a change of heart after watching this video!

You might have noticed how, after a good long bath, some of your old skin peels away. If that happens after just an hour or so, what will come of being in the water for a much longer time? After a day or two in the water, your skin will start to form vesicles that will erupt eventually, and your epidermis will literally start to peel away. Definitely doesn’t sound like a good place to be in, right? And believe it or not, it gets worse!

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The first thing you’d notice 0:27
Why the chlorine stinks 0:47
What if somebody peed in that pool 1:33
What chlorine can do to your hair 2:13
Dangerous swimming pool parasites 2:39
Number two in the water 3:11
How your skin will react to being submerged in water for too long 4:29
How the pressure of the water will affect your body 6:05
Can your very life be in danger? 6:31
What you can do to stay safe at the pool 7:10

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– The first thing you’d notice after being in the water for a while is that your fingertips get all wrinkly. It’s just your skin adapting to the underwater conditions, giving you a better grip on wet objects.
– The chemical itself has a rather weak smell. However, when it comes into contact with bodily fluids like sweat, oils, or urine, they create a reaction that causes the infamous “chlorine” stink.
– One of the less threatening but equally unpleasant effects of chlorine on your body is what it does to your hair. The longer you stay trapped in this pool, the more likely you’ll have to invest in a good wig.
– There are at least two types of parasites that are highly resistant to chlorine, making it almost useless to disinfect the water with this chemical. These parasites are Cryptosporidium (a.k.a. “Crypto”) and Giardia.
– Prolonged immersion in water supersaturates the skin and can lead to skin breakdown. It means that, after a day or two in the water, your skin will start to form vesicles.
– Your poor pink flesh will be exposed to all that nasty dangerous stuff with no means to defend itself!
– After some more time, the pressure of the water will start affecting your whole body. So, to add insult to injury, not only will you contract different diseases due to your lack of dermal protection, you’ll also experience muscle cramps in your legs and have difficulty breathing.
– The outer layer of your skin will completely come off, making you vulnerable to all dangers imaginable, so you’ll almost certainly catch several infections that cause diarrhea, stomach cramps, nausea, and vomiting.

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