14 Tricks That Will Help You Enjoy Fast Food More – Download

You may not want to admit it, but you love fast food. From Big Macs to frappuccinos, your taste buds crave it all. But even if you’ve frequented fast food joints your whole life, there’s a good chance you’ve been doing it wrong. Did you know that something as simple as getting a receipt for your meal can make or break your dining experience? If you wanna know how to get a fresh batch of fries or pay just a dollar for a Big Mac, watch the video!

Freshly made burgers 0:39
Carry-out hack 1:14
Save on Big Macs 2:04
Vegetarian options 2:32
Become a master ketchup dipper! 3:15
Customize to your heart’s content at Jamba Juice 3:57
Secret menu items do exist, and they’re awesome 4:31
Surf ’n’ Turf on a budget 5:47
McDonald’s beverage upgrade 6:09
Poutine at KFC 6:34
Hot, steaming buns 6:58
Fresh fries hack 7:19
Simple splash guard storage 7:49
Don’t forget to snag a receipt! 8:13

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– Instead of ordering a burger straight off the menu, ask them to customize it. This way, they’ll use a patty fresh off the grill instead of one that’s been set aside in the warming drawer for hours.
– Save a little bit of cash by ordering a McDouble and asking them to hold the ketchup and mustard. Ask if they’ll add some lettuce and a little Big Mac sauce.
– Did you know that you can order a grilled cheese at McDonald’s? It’s not on the menu, but most employees will know exactly what you’re talking about. It consists of 2 yummy buns turned inside out with hot, melted cheese in the middle.
– Here’s a pretty juicy secret: Jamba Juice employees have to abide by your ingredient substitutions.
– Burger King does have veggie patties. A veggie whopper is just like the regular one but with — you guessed it! — a veggie patty.
– The McDonald’s Mocha is the caffeine king now! This sweet McDonald’s beverage is pretty fantastic as is, but if you want to step its flavor up a notch, ask to sub out the chocolate syrup for fudge.
– When you order fries at KFC, you can have them turned into Canadian-style poutine, complete with gravy and shredded cheese.
– If you’ve ever tasted a truly fresh bun from Micky D’s, you know why this hack is so important. To ensure a fresh bun on your sandwich every time, ask for it to be steamed.
– If you’d rather have a fresh batch of fries, order some without salt. Since they’ve already salted the ones sitting there, they’re forced to make a fresh batch for you.
– If someone requests a receipt, it’s a red flag to the employees behind the counter that the customer could be a mystery shopper! Because of this, they’ll go above and beyond to give them fresh, delicious food and excellent service.

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