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We tend to think that we know our own bodies perfectly. We know how they work and what kinds of changes and processes are occurring in them every second of the day. But in fact, the human body is one seriously complex and mysterious mechanism that sometimes confuses even the most qualified specialists — doctors and scientists. For example, did you know that you can eat garlic through your feet or that kids grow faster in the spring?

Bright Side collected the most interesting facts about the human body. We bet you haven’t even suspected many of them.

#1: Humans and slugs have a lot in common 0:40
#2: Humans can have an extra rib 1:16
#3: ATMs and public restrooms are equally dirty 1:46
#4: Your fingernails grow faster than your toenails 2:35
#5: Botox deprives a person of emotion 3:20
#6: We inherited hiccups from our ancient ancestors 3:56
#7: Most heart attacks happen on Mondays 4:29
#8: You can eat garlic through your feet 4:59
#9: One human can feed over a million mosquitos 5:42
#10: People lie more convincingly when they have to go to the bathroom 6:25
#11: When kissing, most people bend their head to the same side 7:07
#12: The higher your IQ is, the more interesting your dreams are 8:00
#13: People perceive information printed on paper better 8:31
#14: Your hearing gets worse after having a good lunch 9:08
#15: The appendix is beneficia 9:56
#16: Children grow faster in the spring 10:35
#17: Your right lung is bigger than the left one 11:05
#18: The resolution of a human eye is 140 megapixels 11:29
#19: People’s and sharks’ corneas are very similar 12:02

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– At first glance, it seems like slugs couldn’t be further from humans. However, every single person’s DNA is 70% identical to the DNA of slugs!
– Some of us (1 in 200, to be exact) are born with an extra rib! It’s called a cervical rib, and it’s located just above the collarbone.
– Tests conducted by British scientists confirmed that ATMs are just as dirty as public restrooms. Swabs that were taken from ATM keyboards showed the presence of health-threatening bacteria!
– According to a study conducted at Barnard College in New York, your facial expressions directly affect your emotional state. This means that if you have Botox, you can’t really express your emotions fully, both physically and mentally!
– One study that was published in The European Journal of Epidemiology found that the risk of having a heart attack increases by 20% for men and 5% for women every Monday.
– Craving some garlic? Just rub it on your feet! If you don’t believe me, try it yourself! Cut a piece of garlic in half, and rub it on the soles of your feet. After about 30 minutes, you’ll feel its smell and taste in your mouth!
– A strong desire to go to the bathroom makes a person concentrate on self-control and, therefore, telling lies becomes easier.
– Scientists claim that people with a high IQ experience really captivating and long-lasting dreams as opposed to others.
– Have you ever had ringing in your ears after a full meal? It happens because drinks and foods affect the fluid levels in the inner ear and, therefore, cause noise.
– The appendix basically stores helpful microbes that can “reload” the bacterial system in the intestine and populate it with new useful bacteria when need be.
– Kids tend to grow way faster in the spring than in any other season because of the sun activity during this period. So, yeah, kids are basically like flowers!
– Due to the location of the heart, the volume and size of our lungs are absolutely different. And your right lung easily wins this round since it’s larger and heavier than the left one.
– If the human eye was a digital camera, its resolution would be about 120-140 megapixels. Only, these pixels wouldn’t be evenly distributed.
– Speaking of the human eye, it has an almost identical cornea with that of a shark. In fact, a shark’s cornea could even be transplanted into a human!

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