10 Kinds Of Passengers That Flight Attendants Hate – Download

Flying is one of those things where we all have our annoyances. Maybe the person sitting next to you is taking the arm rest, there’s a kid behind you kicking your seat or the food doesn’t taste good. Or, you might be someone who absolutely loves flying and can’t get enough of it. Flying has become one of the most popular modes of transportation, especially when it comes to international travel. You can get halfway across the world in a matter of hours, and you can enjoy a beverage or two as you watch the world pass you by from your window. The people who are the forefront of air travel are the flight attendants. They are usually the people all dressed up serving us food and drinks who also show us how to put on the oxygen mask and point out where the exits are. They not only make sure that we, the passengers, are having an enjoyable flight, but also that everyone is safe and everything runs smoothly. Sure, the pilots fly the plane and help us reach our destination. But it’s the flight attendants who run the operation. But just because they work in the service industry, it doesn’t mean that they are always happy with us.

In this video, you’re going to learn about 10 kinds of passengers that flight attendants hate. From larger passengers to high maintenance people to parents who think their children are perfect, flight attendants have to deal with a lot. Watch and find out if you make the list!


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