10 People Who Have The ODDEST MUSCLES – Download

TheRichest is here to pump you up. As you’ve guessed, today’s topic is muscles – specifically, strange looking muscles. We’ve scoured the planet and collected 10 examples of people who look rather strange and amazing. From massive quads to jaw muscles that are just straight-up freaky, these are 10 people you need to check out.
We’ll start you off with one man who went the artificial route to looking bigger. After getting pec implants, one had to be removed resulting in a rather strange overall look. Next, we’ll show you a woman who takes the muscles of the ‘private’ region very seriously. While getting that perfect six-pack is the goal of many, one bodybuilder named Cesar Mendible has left a few people wondering what is going on with his strange looking abs. Looking to work on those quads? Then check out the German cyclist with the most ridiculous set of legs we’ve seen. Valdir Segato has an upper body that makes people look twice. But it’s all thanks to synthol. What’s not fake are Johnnie Jackson’s traps and we’re pretty sure you’ll agree they are something to be see. Frank McGrath is a professional bodybuilder but we can’t get past his jaw muscles! Alex Galli is another bodybuilder with some derriere muscles that just look strange. Moustafa Ismail has massive pipes and a record to back them up. Yet, many think he’s done it by synthetic means. Finally, we’ll end with a little girl whose muscles are rock hard – and not in a good way.


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