20 Optical Illusions That Confuse the Smartest People – Download

Take a look around. Your eyes focus on something, your brain processes it, and you understand what you’re looking at. Easy-peasy! But the optical illusions you’re about to see will prove that your eyes, along with your brain, can easily trick you! Go ahead and hit that subscribe button and ring the notification bell to join us on the Bright Side!

Today’s challenge consists of 20 optical illusions, each with a question. You’ll have 5 seconds to study the image and figure out the answer. Some of them will even give you some insight into your personality! For

1. What’s the first thing you see in this picture? 0:53
2. How is this image changing? 1:29
3. Are these circles still? 1:54
4. How many faces are there? 2:25
5. What’s the first thing you notice in this image? 2:46
6. What do you see in this picture? 3:34
7. Is it really so obvious as it seems? 3:56
8. Can you read between the lines? 4:16
9. How many people do you see in this picture? 4:37
10. Are these men the same size? 5:01
11. What’s happening with this image? 5:30
12. Are these lines bent? 5:54
13. Is anything happening to these hypnotic eyes? 6:17
14. Is there something wrong with this pattern? 6:37
15. How many objects are in this picture? 7:04
16. Can you see the bigger picture? 7:29
17. What’s happening in this picture? 7:59
18. What’s off about this peacock? 8:29
19. Are these flower petals still? 8:56
20. Can you see a sleeping woman in this picture? 9:23

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#1. If the first thing you noticed was a dog’s head, you’re most likely a sociable, lively, and extroverted person.
#3. After having just one look at this optical illusion, most people say that the circles are moving in different directions.
#5. If the first thing you that caught your eye was a goblet, you’re a reserved and calm person. You don’t need external sources of energy and motivation; you’re fine in your own thoughts and world.
#7. At first glance, most people can’t see anything but two trees leaning towards each other. Look closer, and you’ll notice a girl with her back to the viewer.
#9. You probably immediately noticed a black silhouette of a man’s profile on the left. But what about the white negative space on the right?
#11. This psychedelic blob seems to be moving forward ready to engulf you, especially when you look at it with your peripherals. In reality, this image is absolutely still!
#13. As you’re looking into these bizarre eyes, they seem to be growing larger and closer. You get it by now, right? The image doesn’t actually move.
#15. In this image, an attentive viewer will notice the left side of a man’s head in profile. But an even more attentive person will spot that a big black rodent of some sort is acting as the man’s hair. Talk about a unique hairdo!
#17. Did you automatically assume that these butterflies are arranged in a spiral? Take a closer look, and you’ll realize that they’re actually in 5 separate circles, not a spiral at all.
#19. You know the real answer to that question by now. No, the petals aren’t actually moving. But when you really scan the image, they seem as if they’re rotating. Yep, that’s just your eyes and brain playing tricks on you.

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