Ridiculous Foods Only The Richest Can Afford (Szechuan Sauce From Rick & Morty) – Download

When you have money to spend, sometimes you’re given permission to buy some of the most ridiculous things on the planet! We all know that we can eat on a pretty tight budget, but can you imagine a rich person eating a pack of hot dogs from the Dollar Tree? Sure, that person may like hot dogs, but you’d expect them to want the absolute best quality hot dog around! When you look at the price list of foods, yeah…it can hurt your wallet. Yet, for the sake of luxury, people are willing shell out extra cash to get top notch ingredients. It might not make a difference nutritionally. However, if you have the money, why not spend it? Look at how much money people were willing to spend on a pack of McDonald’s szechuan sauce! Thanks to Rick and Morty, that cheap little sauce packet was worth thousands of dollars for a time. And people took the bait!


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