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Everyday Items That Went A Little Too Far

Here at TheRichest, the only thing we love more than outrageously expensive items are dogs. So when we started thinking about expensive dogs, well, you can imagine the pristine and perfectly trained pooches we were able to come up with. We will show you some of the most exquisite dogs out there that will have you wishing you could afford one. If you’re a fan of dogs with some fluff, we will tell you about the Chow Chow and the Samoyed. The Chow Chow is an incredible and strong-willed guard dog, while the Samoyed is known for its herding ability and its non-stop smile. Just looking at the sheer size of a Great Dane is probably enough to explain why they are so expensive. These gentle giants need a lot of food and room, and some owners go just a little bit overboarding making sure their Great Danes are comfortable. Have you ever owned a once in a lifetime dog that you felt was irreplaceable? Well, thanks to the science of cloning, you can create a replica of your most beloved pet, assuming you have the cash to afford the procedure of course. One dog that has become quite internet famous is Hulk, the massive pitbull. When Hulk sires a litter, people are all too quick to snatch up one of his puppies which can cost tens of thousands of dollars even before they go through rigorous training. If you’re looking for an immaculately trained dog, you should learn what dogs go through before they are allowed to fight alongside human soldiers on the battlefield. It isn’t cheap, but it’s hard to put a price on the service that these brave dogs provide.


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