STRANGE Requirements To Be A Bodyguard For The Ultra RICH – Download

We generally think of them as big, thuggish-looking brutes who stand near celebrities and VIPs to ensure the safety of their client. They lead the way through crowds of screaming fans and make sure no trespassers get too close to their client when they are home relaxing. However, being a bodyguard for the ultra-rich isn’t as straightforward as it seems. We’ll show you what we mean.
We’ll start off by looking at how those A-listers want and need their bodyguards to look a certain way. They are status symbols after all. Next, we’ll tell you about a very famous bodyguard and some of the crazy things that he was required to do to protect his client. Bodyguards are supposed to be professional, yet some have actually taken on the role of wingman for very high-ranking VIPs. These protectors are also the face of the celebrity. This means some celebs use their bodyguards to advertise their brand. You’d expect training to be tough but just wait until you see some of the things elite bodyguards are expected to do. We’ll drop by Libya to look at former-dictator Muammar Gaddafi’s bodyguards – strange indeed! Some bodyguards have revealed they need to do some strange things to help out their client that you wouldn’t expect. If you’re a bodyguard for the ultra-rich, don’t be surprised if you find yourself living the thug-life every now and then. You can also expect to get walked all over by the people you guard and sometimes this is in a rather literal context. Finally, things can get strange – you likely know that. But some bodyguards have revealed just how weird things can get with their clients.


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