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What can you say about yourself by looking at your fingers? Prevention is better than cure with regards to your health. However, a visit to your doctor isn’t cheap. Luckily, there is an ingenious way to discover potential health risks, and it’s totally free! All you have to do is talk to the hand, specifically your own hand along with its 10 digits. This method is scientifically proven. Today we at Bright Side will tell you what the shape of your fingers says about your personality and your health risks.

Based on a 15-year study conducted by the University of Warwick and the Institute of Cancer Research, men with an index finger longer than their ring finger have a 33% lower risk of prostate cancer. However, a team of Chinese researchers revealed that men with this trait are at risk of coronary artery disease. Women with a shorter index finger are twice as likely to have osteoarthritis in their knees, and that’s according to research from the University of Nottingham.

Ring finger vs. index finger 0:42
Fingernail 1:46
Finger shapes 4:40
Thumb 5:39
Palms 6:50
Hand grip strength 7:39
Little finger 8:19

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– In both men and women, a shorter index finger indicates higher verbal and physical aggression. On a more positive note, it reveals a better sense of direction and superb athletic ability.
– Take a closer look at your finger, particularly your nail. What is its shape? If it looks like an almond, which many consider to be the most beautiful nail shape, you’re refined, gentle, and oozing with creativity.
– Square-shaped fingers have a blunt fingertip and may indicate the possibility of gallstones or neurasthenia.
– Cone-shaped fingers have a round and long shape with a pointed fingertip. This type of digit may lead to illnesses below the neck and above the diaphragm.
– Spoon-shaped fingers look like soup spoons and are an indication of illnesses like diabetes and heart or cerebrovascular disease.
– Drumstick-shaped fingers may be an indicator of lung cancer, heart disease, and chronic respiratory disease.
– Thin and long fingers indicate that the person might be prone to emotional depression or gastrointestinal diseases
– If your thumb is inflexible, then you might be afraid of change, careful with your finances, and difficult to manipulate.
– Do you have blotchy, red palms? This condition is called palmar erythema, and it’s a symptom of liver disease.
– A 2018 study conducted by a group of American and British researchers found that a stronger shake indicates a lower risk of cardiovascular problems and less heart “remodeling.”

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