10 Kids You Won’t Believe Are Parents – Download

For those of us without children, the thought of becoming a parent can seem rather scary. Even as an adult, bringing a child into the world is a huge deal, and it’s even more terrifying when you’re still a child yourself. In this video, we will show you some of the youngest people in the world to become parents. We will start out with the youngest confirmed mother in the world: Lina Medina. Little Lina from Peru fell pregnant at the age of only five, and gave birth to a healthy baby boy, despite all odds. While most girls her age were playing with baby dolls, she had her very own actual baby! Tressa Middleton became pregnant under horrific circumstances, but was able to move forward and make a better life for herself and is now hoping to have a second child as an adult. One of the youngest fathers in the world is Sean Stewart, and let’s just say he didn’t take to fatherhood overly well. After a long and complicated series of paternity shockers that would make Maury proud, Tyler Barker was named the father of 13 year old Chantelle Stedman’s baby. The young man declared that this was the worst mistake of his young life, and we hope that the baby doesn’t read that particular interview! But just because someone is young it doesn’t mean they will be an unfit or unhappy parent. Molly Syrigos and her partner claim that although their son forced them to grow up fast, they don’t regret him for a moment. In fact, the teenagers are currently expecting a second child!


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