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Do you want to have a superpower? Of course, people still can’t change their size, walk through walls, or teleport, since it contradicts the laws of physics. But there are some other superpowers that are available nowadays for the right price!

Fear projection 1:23
Iron suit 2:29
Spider-Man wall-climbing 3:22
Immunity to pain 4:07
Night vision 5:03
Ability to heal yourself 5:44
Super speed 6:27
Invisibility 7:23
Ability to fly 8:25
Being bulletproof 9:13
Super strength 10:09

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– Infrasound is basically acoustic waves of extremely low frequencies. These waves are below the human hearing threshold, so we can’t really hear them.
– Technicians at Japan’s Tsukuba University have already created a special exoskeleton suit called the HAL 5. It’s 9 feet tall and weighs almost 90 pounds.
– Dr. Liming Dai from the University of Dayton and Dr. Zhong Lin Wang from the Georgia Institute of Technology invented a super “sticky” material! It has a nanotube spatula design that’s based on microscopic hairs. This means that you can cling to any surface of your choice.
– There’s an absolutely real and very rare disease called Congenital Insensitivity to Pain. A person with this condition never experiences physical pain.
– Modern technology allows you to use advanced night vision devices. They used to be super expensive and only available for the military and special agencies.
– The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (aka DARPA) is developing an implant that hooks directly to a person’s nervous system. It’ll treat depression without the help of medication, look after internal organs, and treat them when necessary.
– There’s an exoskeleton that helps people run long distances faster than even the best sprinter.
– With the use of a particular material, Canadian scientists decided to alter light waves to pass through an object. This has already given a pretty impressive result but only if an object is illuminated with one color.
– One Australian company has already created the Martin Jetpack. This device can develop a speed of 45 miles per hour and travel at an altitude of 3,300 feet.
– One company in Columbia makes bulletproof clothing! This enterprise is already 25 years old and is now conquering the American market.
– Exoskeletons come in a wide variety these days. One of them, the FORTIS, can help workers by holding up to 36 pounds of tools.

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