7 Signs Your Friendship Has Become Toxic – Download

How can we find out which people aren’t our true friends? Tel Aviv University researchers made a very interesting discovery in their 2016 study: as it turns out, only 50% of the people we consider friends think the same thing in return!

It’s difficult to stop communicating with old friends but sometimes, it’s absolutely necessary. A good friendship can become weaker over the years and may even prove useless for both parties involved. We all have that one friend who is bad-tempered, a little jealous, and somewhat conceited. Is he or she a true friend to you? How do we cut ties with the toxic people? Let’s try to figure it out together!

You always find yourself in competition with their other friends 0:49
You mostly speak about your friend’s problems 1:19
Your friend criticizes you but doesn’t accept your criticism 1:57
You are the one who initiates your meetings 2:37
Your friend always blames you 3:10
Your friend is either open and friendly or cold and indifferent 3:45
Your friend gets angry very easily 4:33
Why can’t we cut ties with these so-called friends? 5:21
Why toxic social relationships can be bad for you 6:19

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– Does your friend often tell you how their other pals are much better friends? Be careful, because Dr. Susan Heitler, a clinical psychologist, suggests that it’s a prominent sign of a toxic friend!
– When a person constantly talks about themselves and goes to great lengths to avoid helping you, that’s not a good signal.
– If your friend doesn’t hesitate to say that you need to go to the gym more often or to get a better haircut, they’re not someone who truly cares about you.
– Friendship involves 2 people, so if you’re always the one to initiate meetings and call first, take a step back to see how long it takes your friend to make the first move for a change.
– Whatever the conflict is, you’re always the one in the wrong. If your friend thinks you are wrong, even undeniable arguments that you’re right can’t convince them.
– If every day is an emotional roller coaster and you can’t ever predict what your friend is going to hate you for next, congratulations! A toxic friend has been detected!
– Similarly to being cold and indifferent, if almost anything you say and do gets on your friend’s nerves, it’s time to get yourself out of this friendship.
– Most of the time your undeniably toxic friends can be nice, and even psychologists agree with that!
– That most toxic friends are experts in humiliating remarks. It’s either presented as a joke or with the double meaning of “I always think about what’s best for you.”

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