Products You’ll Avoid When You Know The Secret Recipe – Download

When you walk into a restaurant or supermarket today, the variety and selections of products is incredible. In fact, compared with just 30 or 40 years ago, the range of products available to us is pretty impressive. If you’re like us then you love food. Regardless of whether you’re an omnivore, vegetarian or vegan, there’s likely a number of foods that get you pretty excited to eat. Well, this video may help to change that just a little bit. You see, it turns out that a lot of what we buy is made with pretty disgusting things or produced in such a way that would make even the strongest among us cringe.

The following 10 products, and the way they are made, will likely make you think twice the next time you consider buying it. We have everyone’s favorite french fries which just happen to qualify as a meat product thanks to a hidden ingredient. If you love hard candy or any sweets that have a shiny exterior then you should know the shellac used is a bit more natural than you think. Like a cold can of pop? Some varieties have been known to contain an ingredient that is also a flame-retardant used in furniture. For the richest among us, you may want to check that caviar you’re eating because it could be preserved with a carpet and clothing cleanser. Do vegans eat bugs? Well, it turns out if you eat frozen vegetables you likely eat your fair share. Yum! Powdered donuts and salad dressing get eaten by us every day. You may not want to know what is often used to get them nice and white. What do paper, shredded cheese and ice cream have in common? Disturbingly, a lot more than you know thanks to the use of cellulose as a key ingredient. We all know that BPA is a harmful compound that has been cut from many products. However, when it comes to canned goods you may be eating more than you know. If you love chicken nuggets then the way they are made will likely change your mind. Sorry. Finally, we’ll end off with the meat filling found at a very popular taco chain. Spoiler alert: a lot of it isn’t really meat at all.


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