What If You Ate Moldy Bread by Accident? – Download

Is it dangerous to eat moldy bread? Can you eat a clean part of eat? If mold is only on one little corner, so maybe you can just cut that piece off? Or maybe search the loaf for a slice without this unwelcomed furry-looking bread invader? Just hold it right there! You don’t wanna do that, and you’re about to find out why!

Is it safe to eat the “clean” part of moldy bread? 1:17
What mold is 2:05
Can you just kill the mold? 4:05
Does mold have any benefits? 4:21
The side effects of ingesting mold 5:47
Other foods that are dangerous if they’re moldy 7:02
What moldy foods you can eat 8:04
What the prevention should be 9:03

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– The fact is that there’s no such thing as “a clean part of moldy bread”! The tiny greenish spots you see are only the tip of the iceberg.
– That’s the part you see rearing its ugly head on your bread! These sporangia are attached to stalks called sporangiophore. And just like a plant, mold has roots called rhizoids that can only be seen under a microscope.
– Technically, you can kill mold at very high temperatures, but your toaster isn’t gonna achieve that. The best and safest solution is to throw away the entire loaf and buy some fresh bread.
– Mold is intentionally grown to make different types of blue cheese, like Gorgonzola, Stilton, and Roquefort. There are also cheeses such as Brie and Camembert that are produced by white surface mold.
– The side effects of ingesting mold are no joke. You might experience minor stomach discomfort or some really scary stuff, like allergic reactions, respiratory problems, muscle tremors, and food-poisoning accompanied with vomiting and diarrhea. Some molds have even been linked to cancer!
– Along with bread, here are some other foods that should be tossed immediately if you’ve noticed mold growing on them. The softer the food, the easier the mold can penetrate.
– There are steps you can take to prevent mold from forming on your food items, at least for some time. A lot of it depends on how you store your food.
– For perishable items, don’t leave them out in the open for more than 2 hours. Immediately consume leftovers within 3 or 4 days. As for hard cheeses, after plucking off the moldy part you, should store it in a different container.

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