Who Will Be Your First Kiss? Personality Test – Download

Your first kiss is one of those memories that stay with you forever. So do you ever wonder who it’s gonna be? This funny quiz can give you an idea about the first letter of that person’s name! Try this funny personality test to find out!

To carry it out, all you need is a piece of paper, a pen, and your imagination. It will work best if you answer the questions spontaneously, responding with the first thing that comes into your head. So get comfortable in your seat and turn off your logical thinking for a while.

Question #1 0:43
Question #2 1:30
Question #3 2:18
Question #4 2:58
Question #5 3:49
Question #6 4:38
Question #7 5:10
Question #8 6:00
Question #9 6:32
Question #10 7:23

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– If you scored 10-16 points, the name of your first kiss will probably start with B, R, S, D, V, H, or A! By nature, you’re reversed and traditional. You sometimes put up a wall between yourself and everyone else out of fear that someone will break your heart.
– If you got 17-25 points, you’ll likely be puckering up with someone whose name starts with the letter E, K, Y, X, I, or O. You’re a pretty laid-back and relaxed person. But when you’re in love, you fall hard and become incredibly sensitive.
– If you came out with 26-34 points, your first kiss’s name may begin with C, F, J, W, Q, or N. This indicates that your future partner will be passionate about life and experiences, preferring to be in the driver’s seat rather than being a passenger.
– If you scored more than 34 points, the name of your first kiss will probably start with G, L, M, P, T, U, or Z. The best word to describe you is unique. You’re independent, open-minded, and enjoy being in control. You think outside the box and aren’t afraid to speak your mind.

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