10 Things You Should Never Do To Your Car (Never Ever!) – Download

What things you should avoid while driving. Today’s cars are also packed with plenty of safety features like airbags, anti-lock braking systems, traction control, and shatterproof glass. However, despite your car’s sophisticated safety features or computer system, you could find yourself in a tricky situation at the worst possible time. And it’s still a good idea to avoid doing certain things.

Don’t press the “Off” button while driving 0:58
Don’t select “reverse” while driving 1:50
Don’t select “park” while driving 2:26
Don’t attach too many keys to the ignition key 2:54
Don’t forget to change your car’s oil 3:35
Don’t overfill the engine oil 4:27
Don’t wait until the fuel tank is empty 5:05
Don’t ignore warning indicators 5:45
Don’t forget to check your tire pressure 6:31
Don’t forget to balance your tires 7:14

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– Some cars might require you to press the button for 3 seconds or more to shut it down. This is a safety feature in case you have a problem with your accelerator or brakes.
– If your car has cameras and a screen on the deck, the rear-facing camera might come on, or parking aids might become available, but the car won’t back up all of a sudden or come to a stop.
– If you shift to park while driving, your car might make an awful grinding noise and continue driving. Your car probably won’t suffer damage if you accidentally do this once.
– Gravity is still at work when you put your car keys into the ignition. During car rides, bumps and potholes will cause these heavy keys to pull and pull on the ignition until it wears out the tumblers.
– If you don’t change your oil, your car will run less efficiently. It will also stop lubricating the engine components, causing wear and tear. If the mechanical components continue to grind on each other, the car might become inoperable.
– The engine oil always comes with a dipstick, which has a mark to indicate the level the oil needs to be filled to. Fill it to this level and not to the top as if it were a bottle.
– Signs that your car’s catalytic converter has been damaged are that your car won’t accelerate when you press the pedal, your car’s fuel emission will drop suddenly, or your car won’t start.
– A good rule of thumb is that if you see a warning light on the dashboard, call or bring it to a mechanic as soon as possible.
– Checking your tire pressure is a good practice that often falls by the wayside. It’s even more important to do it when you’re headed out on a road trip or if your daily commute is over 30 minutes.
– If the tires are out of balance, you don’t have full control of your car, and your tires will wear unevenly.

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