All The Tallest And Longest Things Ever Existed on Earth – Download

You ever wonder why people, plants, and animals only reach a certain height? Most of the Earth’s inhabitants can’t grow too tall because of the pull of gravity. For example, if you were to double in size, you’d become 8 times heavier, and the force of gravity would crush you. Yet some amazing lifeforms manage to find a loophole in this gravitational law, growing tall and proud. You’ll be surprised and shocked to see them. You’ll see some jaw-dropping giants in the video, but the largest living thing on our planet is neither an animal nor a plant.

Plants 1:08
Redwoods – Hyperion 1:37
Australian Mountain-Ash 2:56
Animals 3:30
The Giraffe 4:06
The Blue Whale 5:05
The Lion’s Mane Jellyfish 5:33
Prehistoric animals 6:27
Humans 7:19
Bonus: the largest living thing on Earth 9:24


-The tallest life forms on our planet are trees. Trees pretty much have one goal in life: to spend all their energy on growing taller than their neighbors.
-The record holder among the redwoods is a tree with its own name: Hyperion. Discovered in 2006, this guy is so massive that you can’t even see the top.
-The second-place medal for the world’s tallest tree species goes to the Australian Mountain-Ash, known in the scientific community as Eucalyptus regnans.
-African bush elephants often reach a shoulder height of 13 feet.
-The tallest living animal on Earth is the giraffe, whose leg alone is taller than the average human. Males grow up to 18 feet, and females are a bit shorter at around 14 feet tall.
-The Blue Whale can reach a length of almost 100 feet! Their hearts are as big as a car, and their tongues weigh as much as a full-grown elephant.
-The Lion’s Mane Jellyfish can have up to 1,200 tentacles that grow as long as 120 feet.
-The tallest member of the prehistoric animal family was the Sauroposeidon. Fossil records show that its height could reach 60 feet.
-Born in 1868, John Rogan he towered at 8 foot 9 inches tall. There’s also Robert Wadlow, who is still the reigning champ of the tallest people ever to have lived. His nickname was “The Giant of Illinois” and he stood at 8 foot 11 inches.
-The largest living thing on our planet is neither an animal nor a plant. That gold medal goes to the honey fungus.

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